Women’s March Feminists Hired Armed Guards To Protect Them While They Protested The NRA

Hannah Bleau

This is so deliciously hypocritical.

On Friday, Women’s March organizers teamed up with the anti-gun group Everytown to participate in an anti-National Rifle Association protest. The protesters marched from the NRA HQ in Fairfax, Virginia to the Department of Justice in Washington D.C.– about 18 miles. So heroic! During the march, they chanted really creative stuff like “Hey hey, ho ho, the NRA has got to go” and “none of us are safe until all of us are safe.” You can read the Women’s March’s open letter to the NRA here.

As Katie Pavlich notes, the protesters wanted to send the message that:

-Real men don’t need guns

-No one is safe unless everyone is safe (whatever that means)

-Loaded guns under beds are bad

-The NRA doesn’t respect women’s rights

-The NRA is full of bigots


You heard ’em. Guns are eeeeeeeevil– so eeeeeeeevil that Women’s March leaders surrounded themselves with armed security.

They need protection, because they’re important. Unlike you, you psychotic gun-toting hayseed. Why do you need protection?

Sorry feminists, but protesting the NRA while surrounded by armed guards kinda sorta makes you a gigantic piece of hypocritical crap.

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