Special Snowflake Claims Captain America Is Transgender Because He’s A Super Soldier

Miss CJ

First, Marvel Comics made him a Nazi (okay, a HYDRA agent. Same thing ultimately). Now Tumblrinas want to shoehorn Steve Rogers into another category where he doesn’t fit?

I… just… I can’t with this crap anymore –

Because going from a 90-pound weakling MALE to a pumped-up super-soldier thanks to a serum that gives you powers and muscles but you’re still MALE – that makes you transgender?

No, friend. That’s NOT how this works. By that metric, every boy who’s ever gone through puberty is transgender –

You can make your own jokes at this moron’s expense (and people have). But really, this is just yet another stupid overreaching ploy by some social justice idiot who is desperate to make every popular fictional character fit into one of these dumb minority groups.

Look, if you want to have a comic book character be transgender, have at it. Come up with a brand new story and make it entertaining and see if it’s something people want to read. Find your audience. I have no problem with that.

But for the love of Stan Lee’s mustache STOP changing the foundations of the characters we already know and love and STOP making them into something they’re not! And while you’re at it, get a freaking dictionary.