The US Postal Service Spent $90,000 In Covering For Employees To Campaign For Hillary Clinton

Miss CJ

Looking at this a certain way, it’s almost like the US Postal Service gave Hillary Clinton $90,000 in campaign donations. I guess getting cash from Saudi Arabia wasn’t enough for the Queen.

According to this and this, the USPS covered time off for employees who wanted to go campaign for Hillary Clinton in 2016. What’s more, the employees who left work were campaigning on behalf of the postal workers union, which had endorsed Hillary and pressured supervisors to approve the time off for employees and paid for other staffers to cover the time lost. All told, the money involved amounted to about $90,000 –

According to an Inspector General’s report, 100 USPS workers took extended leaves of absence to hit the campaign trail on behalf of the postal union—the National Association of Letter Carriers. The union, which had by then endorsed Hillary Clinton, used these same postal workers to supplement their grassroots political operations in swing states.

Technically, postal workers are allowed to take unpaid holidays in order to help the union, but government employees aren’t supposed to actively campaign for a candidate. The Inspector General is currently investigating whether the postal workers who took time off violated that precept.

Hm… remind me again. Who funds the US Postal Service again? Oh right, the American taxpayers!

Don’t you just LOVE hearing that your federal tax dollars eventually went to help a corrupt hosehag in her attempt at becoming the Queen of the Universe President of the United States?

BUT WAIT! (as they say) THERE’S MORE! See, USPS is basically going broke. Meaning that, while $90,000 doesn’t seem like that much money (we are talking about the federal government, after all. They deal in amounts like “billion” and “trillion), for a failing government agency that cash could have gone toward putting the postal service back in the black.

And they ultimately wasted it on a failed presidential campaign. Great job, guys!

I kind of love the way HotAir characterized this

Either way, even if this all winds up staying inside the boundaries of what’s legal, it’s yet another example of what happens when you mix politics and unions inside of federal government service. Should we really be unleashing our postal carriers to campaign for one specific party or candidate when they’re supposed to be on the job? If nothing else, the optics of it stink to high heaven.

But since when did the left care much about optics anyway?

(h/t FoxNation)