Alyssa Milano Is Broke And It’s Everyone Else’s Fault

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Is it just me, or has anyone else ever noticed that Alyssa Milano clenches her jaw a lot when she speaks?  I know.  Random.  But it’s always been something I’ve noticed.  Especially when she’s watching a Trump speech:

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According to this, the former star of Who’s The Boss is broke.  She has filed a $10 million lawsuit against her former business manager, claiming that he was negligent in making sure she paid income taxes for 2013 and 2014, that he was negligent in making sure she paid her mortgage payments, that he was negligent in making sure she didn’t spend too much on a home improvement project, and that he was negligent in making sure she paid her employees’ taxes.

In other words, the fact that Alyssa Milano can’t manage money is someone else’s fault.

According to Variety:

Milano alleges that her financial woes began with a ‘home improvement debacle.’ Milano says Hellie’s poor oversight of the remodeling job caused costs to spiral. She ended up spending $5 million, though the home is worth no more than $3 million.


She also says her accountants failed to notify her of Ventura County building code violations, which lingered for more than five years, resulting in a lien and $376,950 in fines.


Milano alleges that her business manager also failed to pay her federal income taxes in 2013 and 2014. Milano says her employees also complained of late payments, and that Hellie failed to pay her employees’ taxes.

Depending on what exactly her former business manager’s role and responsibility to manage her money was, I suppose it’s possible that she has a case.  But the fact that had so little insight into her OWN BANK ACCOUNT makes her a complete moron.

Keep in mind, Alyssa Milano is one of those angry liberals who has been super vocal about Trump not releasing his tax returns.  She REALLY cares about his taxes.  Her own?  Not so much.   And between the two of them, she’s the one who appears to NOT HAVE PAID THEM.

A couple of months ago, Milano wrote a piece for Marie Claire in which she called Trump “an egomaniac with questionable business ethics and a crude moral compass,” and urged her fans to #RESIST.

She wrote:

Almost immediately after the election results were in (and the shock sort of wore off), the anger became palpable. Fighting back with marches, rallies and town hall meetings with hashtags like #notmypresident and #resist made it abundantly clear that the most vocal opponents, the most dedicated #resisters were WOMEN.

So, with powerful hearts and pussies, we began the fight. We grabbed back. We realized the power of our collective voices and awakened a sleeping, feminist giant. She’s smart. She’s beautiful. She’s strong. She’s pissed.

All of you women out there who voted for Trump?  Apparently your hearts and pussies don’t count.  FYI.

Meantime, Alyssa, be careful you don’t get TMJ with all of that teeth-clenching.  And PAY YOUR FREAKING BILLS.