If You Ask A Transgender Person If They’ve Had Surgery, That’s A Microaggression Now

Miss CJ

So… we’re just supposed to pretend that the dude who was a dude last week, but has suddenly started dressing like a chick and insisting he be called a chick never changed anything about his appearance or lifestyle? We’re just going to pretend that he was always a chick, even though he wasn’t? Never ask any questions or wonder about it or anything?

Have I mentioned lately how batcrap nuts all this transgender activism stuff is lately?

According to this, a transgender PhD candidate known as Francis Walker has written an essay talking about all the ways that transgender people experience microaggressions from those EEEEEEEEEVIL cisgender/cissexist people. And what microaggressions do those of us who have no problem figuring out what gender we are commit against these people?

Oh, we ask questions of transgender people. Questions like “Have you had surgery?” See, that just hurts transgender people’s feelings. And we all know how the Cult of Social Justice feels about hurting people’s precious feelings –

“One of the most common examples of a cissexist microaggression is asking a transgender person if they have had ‘the surgery,” Walker explains. “The question implies that there is only one surgery (not true), that the surgery is the only way the person can be recognized as a ‘real’ woman or man (also not true) and that the individual asking the question has the right to ask and know about the transgender person’s genitals (obviously not true).”

Specifically, Walker declares, the microaggression of asking transgender people if they have undergone gender mutilation surgery is a “cissexist microaggression.” (“Cissexist” derives from “cisgender,” an invented term which means the absence of a transgender disorder.)

Don’t you just LOVE being lectured about how mean it is to comment on things that you have questions about? Like, we’re just not supposed to notice when somebody changes something as basic and vital to their existence as their freaking GENDER?

Here’s the thing: There are people who are experiencing gender dysphoria and they all cope with it in various ways. Though more and more, I’m questioning whether many of these people really do have a genuine disorder, or if they’re just jumping on this “special snowflake” fad train. The truth is that these people do need help.

That being said – telling people not to notice that John Doe is suddenly Jane Doe is absolutely ludicrous. Even more ludicrous is demanding that nobody ask questions of John/Jane about his/her transition. Because, frankly, that’s not something you expect to see. And obviously people are going to have questions about it. If you can’t handle people wanting to know about the major changes in your life, then it’s time to become a hermit. Because people are going to ASK. It’s part of being human to ask questions.

It’s so amazing that we’ve come to the point where the majority of society has to constantly be worried about interacting with a subgroup of people that makes up less than one percent of the entire population. Heaven forbid we hurt these precious snowflakes’ delicate lilac-scented FEEEEEEELINGS.