Rachel Maddow’s Latest ‘Inside-Out’ Scoop Falls Flat

Hannah Bleau

Rachel Maddow will forever be known as the MSNBC host who almost peed herself over the OMG BIG TRUMP TAX RETURN scoop. The entire thing was hilarious, because her “bombshell” just proved what we all thought to be true: Trump paid lots in taxes.

I guess she misses her days in the spotlight, so last night, she tweeted this exciting hint:

Ooooooh! So exciting! Wondering what it was? *drumroll please*

It was… an unverifiable document!

In other words, Rachel wants everyone to know that she’s too smart to fall for #FakeNews. That’s her big bombshell.

Pretty much.

The jokes write themselves.


Maddow, everyone. Always dropping the hottest bombshells.

h/t Twitchy