Twitter Reacts To Trump’s CNN Smackdown Tweet

Ashley (Kimber)

Everyone on Twitter is losing their damn mind over President Trump’s CNN smackdown tweet.

Personally, one tweet sums up my feelings best:

Yes, of course I think this is absolutely ridiculous. I also think, in a way, it’s going to work for him. Worst case scenario, Trump goes down as the most childish POTUS in history, and the liberal media loses all credibility forever. It’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Anyway, the media is IN FULL MELT DOWN MODE:

UM…. if this violates Twitter’s terms, then literally 90% of all Twitter users need to be banned immediately.

BAHAHAHAHA. Says a woman who thinks Linda Sarsour is a feminist icon.

This coming from a woman who said Rep. Scalise deserved to get shot.

“Be dignified!” -LITERALLY from a man who made midgets wrestle in mashed potatoes after one had sex with the other’s mother-cousin.

Of course, other Twitter users are fighting back:

Here’s live footage of the Media trying to deal with all of this:


Where do you stand on all of this?

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