Women-Only Spa Accused Of Being Transphobic For ‘No Male Genitals’ Policy

Miss CJ

Before I launch into this, I have to say that it is incredibly STUPID that we are to the point where we can’t say “No Men Allowed.” We actually have to differentiate it as “No Male Genitals Allowed.”

Now that portion of this stupidity is out of the way, let’s get on to the main attraction of social justice stupidity.

According to this, a female-only spa in Toronto is under fire for its policy of not accepting customers that have male genitalia. See, it’s transphobic because not everyone with male parts is actually male. Some women have penises and balls too! And it’s not FAAAAAAAIR that transgender women have to find another spa where they can choose to spend their time and money. Nope. They have to demand that EVERYONE accepts their bizarre social justice grievances –

The Body Blitz Spa is a luxury “single-sex facility with full nudity” and says that they welcome all women—but that they have to draw the line at those who share physical attributes with the female gender as a whole.

They don’t make mention of it specifically, but it seems the spa is a little wary of the possibility of sexual assault, not by transgender women, but by men who might abuse a more “inclusive” policy.


You mean that a private business like a spa might want to adopt policies that keep them safe from accusations of sexual harassment and they might not take kindly to actions that would force them to violate those policies and potentially drive them out of business?

How bigoted of them.

That’s not acceptable, though, say Toronto’s activists—particularly a York University Gender Studies professor, who says that gender can’t be assigned based on someone’s genitalia alone. There are lots of women with penises, Prof. Sheila Cavanagh says, and they shouldn’t feel unwelcome at single-sex facilities.

“There are many ways of being trans and there are many ways of being a woman,” Cavanaugh noted to the National Post. “What is between our legs is our own business.”

For now, Body Blitz Spa is holding its ground and not changing their policy. But considering that Ontario (of which Toronto is the capital city) just passed a law saying the government can take kids away from their parents if the kids claim their transgender and the parents refuse to provide sex-change treatments and operations for them, this is nothing.

Here’s a thought – maybe you could go to another spa that doesn’t have a women-only policy like Body Blitz does. Maybe you could find another business that fits the kind of services you’re looking for and leaving this particular establishment alone. Or even (and this is a pretty radical suggestion for super-progressive Canada, I’m sure), if there’s a huge demand for spas that cater specifically to transgender people, why doesn’t someone open one? That way, transgender people can have their own little safe space where they can get massages and other spa treatments alongside other transgender people.

If there’s a market for it, fill it. No one’s stopping you.

Yet again, this is another example of men trying to force their way into women-only places  by acting like their biological makeup doesn’t matter. I don’t know why Body Blitz operates the way it does, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’d been an incident where a dude tried to harm a woman and that precipitated the policy. Or maybe they just want to be a women-only business. That’s fine. They can do that. A spa is the kind of business where that would be a consideration to make.

But that doesn’t matter when there’s a social justice statement to make, of course. Force your science-denying feel-good crap onto people that don’t want to deal with it. That’s TRUE compassion and tolerance, you know.