Permanent Rainbow Crosswalks Might Be In Your Future, Taxpayers

Hannah Bleau

Rainbow crosswalks. They could be in your future. At least, if you live in Atlanta.

According to this, there are a bunch of LGBT petitions circulating, demanding cities across the country to install rainbow crosswalks in honor of the LGBT community. The LGBT community needs to be honored 24/7, you see. All the time. Which brings me back to my original argument when it comes to these issues: The LGBT community doesn’t demand equal treatment. It constantly demands special treatment. There’s a big difference, and that’s what bothers me.

This isn’t necessarily a new proposal. Washington D.C. has installed temporary rainbow crosswalks in the past, but the new petitions are demanding permanent rainbow crosswalks (Philadelphia and San Francisco already have some, I hear), and it looks like Atlanta might install one. Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed already approved of it, actually.

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I obviously don’t have a problem with honoring the victims of the horrific Pulse nightclub attack. But if you think that’s the only reason LGBT activists want these crosswalks, you’re high.

Would I walk on a rainbow crosswalk? Duh. I’m not going to break out in hives or spontaneously combust. It’s just the point of it. It’s about the LGBT community’s incessant need for special treatment. That and the fact that taxpayers have to fund this grand idea. Oh yeah. I didn’t mention that, did I?

I don’t know about you, but I can think of better ways to waste tax dollars.