President Trump Actually Had To Order Federal Workers To Stop Trying To Fix The Y2K Bug

Miss CJ

There are days where this is the only appropriate reaction I can muster toward anything the federal government does –

I don’t even like emojis all that much, but the annoyed/irritated little guy speaks to me on a spiritual level.

According to this, as part of an ongoing project to eliminate government waste at the federal level, the Trump administration has been going through tons of regulations that have piled up for years and years and eliminating ones that are obviously no longer needed. One of these regulations is the need to figure out a solution to a computer bug that was supposedly going to end Civilization As We Knew It in the year 2000 – the Y2K bug.

Yep. Up until today, there was a federal agency that was still required to provide updated reports on a bug that hasn’t been a problem for SEVENTEEN YEARS –

Seventeen years after the Year 2000 bug came and went, the federal government will finally stop preparing for it.

The Trump administration announced Thursday that it would eliminate dozens of paperwork requirements for federal agencies, including an obscure rule that requires them to continue providing updates on their preparedness for a bug that afflicted some computers at the turn of the century.


“We’re looking for stuff everyone agrees is a complete waste of time,” Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told reporters at the White House. He likened the move to the government “cleaning out our closets.”

“Cleaning out our closets.” Sweet mother of mercy, it’s a good thing I clean out my own closet more often than once every couple of decades! What else are they going to find? Regulations related to inventing the VCR? An act mandating how close you can walk behind a horse and buggy? Are we sure the government still isn’t collecting data on speakeasy busts from Prohibition?

Seriously, people – you needed Donald Trump’s presidential administration to tell you to STOP WORKING ON Y2K in 2017??

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I’m sorry. The lack of my ability to take the federal government serious has reached a point where I can only adequately describe my reaction in memes and emojis. BECAUSE IT ISN’T THE FRICKIN’ YEAR 2000 ANYMORE!!! Like, NOBODY in seventeen years stopped to think “Gee, that whole Y2K scare was kind of a bust. Maybe we don’t actually have to work on this thing anymore?”

I think it must be a requirement to be a brain-dead idiot in order to become a federal employee. And if it truly isn’t, news items like this aren’t helping that perception very much.

This would almost be funny (and I am making jokes about it). But then you have to take into account the fact that we have paid for these federal workers to create reports on Y2K since before some of this year’s upcoming high school seniors were even born (hell, I was in high school when Y2K hysteria was A Thing. Suffice it to say, I’m much older now), and suddenly it isn’t that funny anymore. That’s YOUR tax dollars being used to work on absolutely nothing, and that money’s been spent on absolutely nothing ever since.

The federal government blows chunks. Just in case you needed a reminder.

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