Some Leftists Are Actually JUSTIFYING Today’s Shooting

Hannah Bleau

Early Wednesday morning, a gunman opened fire on individuals participating in a congressional baseball practice. Five people were wounded, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise. From what I’ve heard, he’s in surgery and in stable condition.

There are a ton of eyewitness reports out there. Sen. Rand Paul was in the vicinity and said, if not for armed officers, it would’ve been a massacre.

Rep. Ron DeSantis actually left the practice minutes before the shooting unfolded and described a weird encounter he had with a man, who asked if Republicans or Democrats were on the field.

We still have more questions than answers. This should be a time everyone– both Democrats and Republicans– unite. This shooting shouldn’t be a partisan issue. Some liberals get that. I’m not lumping them all together. However, there are others who are shamelessly attempting justify the suspect’s actions.

Right now, there are rumors floating around that the gunman opened fire over the Republican health care bill. Let me repeat, this has not been confirmed.

These are just rumors. But the most disturbing part? Some liberals seem to sympathize with that.

Yeah. Doesn’t sound like dude is condemning the shooter, does it?

Wait– you’re using this shooting as a “told ya so” moment?

The House majority whip was SHOT. It could’ve been a massacre. That’s just a stupid “distraction”? Are you KIDDING me right now?

That guy really ticked us off.

Mockarena’s response is my favorite, though. He does NOT want to start with her. She’ll destroy him.

1.) WTH is wrong with you? 2.) Republicans aren’t screwing the poor over. But thanks for proving that false narratives can be dangerous.

Oh good. So you’re aware of how much of douche you are. I was getting worried.

Aw thanks for telling your pals shooting us isn’t the answer. So thoughtful.

Meanwhile, others are bringing up gun control.

Hey losers. If armed individuals weren’t on the scene– GOOD people with guns– it would’ve been a massacre. Idiots.

Special s/o to this wondrous display of supreme asshattery.

I’m ashamed to share a planet with these people.

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