President Trump Criticized For Singing Along To The Star-Spangled Banner During Memorial Day Ceremony At Arlington National Cemetery

Hannah Bleau

We all know America’s lefties can’t stand President Trump. He can’t do anything right. And listen– I don’t believe in blind support. If he does something wrong, all of us here at COTR are more than happy to call him out. We’re not devoted to him. We’re devoted to America. To truth. Just because I personally voted for Trump doesn’t mean he’s untouchable. On the flip side, I don’t understand the blind hate either. I’m not just talking about liberals chasing the Trump/Russia story. We’re at a point where Trump can’t sing along to The Star-Spangled Banner on Memorial Day without everyone practically comparing it to treason. It has come to this.

There’s an ongoing debate if Trump’s singing was inappropriate, given the solemn tone of the day. But again, it’s evident these critiques aren’t rooted in devotion to the day itself. They’re devoted to the “We Hate Trump” club.

If this is the best they can do– compare Trump to a middle schooler who crapped in your shoe– then he has nothing to worry about.

h/t Twitchy