Hillary Clinton’s Wellesley Commencement Address Was A Total Snoozefest

Miss CJ

If I was graduating from Wellesley, I wouldn’t even show up to commencement. Or, I could be a self-righteous crybaby and stage a walkout.

(That is, assuming I’d ever think about attending a leftist cesspool like Wellesley. Hell to the NO.)

Today, the left’s favorite losing presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave the commencement address at her alma mater Wellesley. Of course, no one would dare DREAM of leaving in the middle of the Queen’s speech (there were probably snipers on the nearby rooftops waiting, honestly).

Rather than give anything resembling useful advice to the graduates, Queen Hillary instead whined about how she should have won the election and how tough it’s been to be on the losing end of the election (but nothing that can’t be solved with alcohol, right?) –

Oh, and she compared Trump to Nixon (well, that’s a change from Literally Hitler) –

Um… anyone want to tell Hillz that Nixon actually resigned before he could be impeached? Minor details, I know (maybe she was thinking of her lecherous hubby and his own impeachment).

She also cried about people making up fake news stories –

Yep. Hillary Clinton is lecturing America about making crap up.

I know they won’t even try, but Wellesley ought to ask for their half-million back (or whatever it is that Hillz charged to grace them with her presence). Then again, they probably consider it a minor tribute to their wonderful and saintly and lovely Queen Hillary.