Breastfeeding Isn’t Natural? IS THIS WOMAN FOR REAL??

Miss CJ

This was SO MUCH FUN to watch.

Do you remember when we talked about this study that said it was unethical for those in the medical community to refer to breastfeeding as “natural”? Even though breastfeeding is a natural phenomenon that happens for new moms and babies. But DON’T YOU DARE suggest that there’s anything natural about a new mother actually, you know, mothering her child. YOU SEXIST!

And because people get super-touchy about breastfeeding (HOLY CRAP, do they ever), I have to put in this obligatory disclaimer: I don’t care whether you breastfeed or bottle-feed your baby. As long as you’re taking care of your kid and giving him/her the proper nutrition, it’s no business of mine what you do.

Anyway – Tucker Carlson had some kooky feminist in to talk about this study and how OMG OFFENSIVE it is to suggest only women are capable of breastfeeding a baby. Even though it’s WOMEN who have boobs and the requisite internal parts to accomplish such a thing. It’s biology. Or, to put it another way, it’s nature.

Facts are inconvenient, aren’t they?

That doesn’t necessarily mean that giving a baby a bottle or even expecting the dad to shoulder a significant share of caring for a baby is wrong (ask Mr. CJ how much I’ve teased him about his future diaper-changing duties when Tiny arrives). But this unhinged idea that saying “Breastfeeding is natural” is the same as saying “Keep women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen” is ridiculous. And the way this woman reacts to this study is actually kind of hilarious.

Anyway, here’s Tucker versus feminist insanity. It’s almost not even fair –

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Point goes to Tucker.

(h/t Faith, Family, America)

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