Former U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown Found Guilty On 18 Of 22 Charges In Her Federal Fraud Trial

Hannah Bleau

Anyone remember former (you have NO idea how much I love to say former) U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown? She’s the, again, former representative for Florida’s 5th congressional district. She was indicted last year for her involvement with the bogus charity, “One Door for Education.” The charity was supposed to give poor students scholarships, but in reality, it was just one giant slush fund.

As I wrote last year

Of the $800,000 in donations collected, only two scholarships– both for $1,200– were actually sent out. According to the indictment, Brown and her cronies “used the vast majority’ of One Door donations for their personal and professional benefit, including tens of thousands of dollars in cash deposits that Simmons made to Brown’s personal bank accounts.”

She faced a whopping 357 years in prison.

Well, the verdict is in, and it’s bad news for Brown. She has been convicted on count one, which is conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. It’s the most serious of all 22 charges.

Details are still coming in, but it appears she’s been convicted on 18 counts altogether.

It’s a devastating verdict for Brown, and a wondrous verdict for justice. I can’t wait to see her in an orange jumpsuit.

It’s OK. I can wait.