HEY TAXPAYERS! An Anti-Trump ‘Gender Minority’ Researcher Was Just Awarded $43,000 Of YOUR Money!

Miss CJ

Let’s see…

A federal research grant funded by tax dollars being given to research something incredibly stupid? Check.

The money was given to someone who is part of the anti-Trump “RESISTANCE”? Check.

The research being funded is connected with perpetuating gender-confusion BS? Double-check.

Yep. This officially pisses me off.

According to this, a new study of the “health status of gender minorities” is being funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and is being conducted by some anti-Trump post-doctoral student at Duke University. This student, Ethan Cicero, has previously proclaimed that he believes having a “vagina does not equal woman.”

Which means some AWESOME scientific discoveries are about to take place! (Maybe Ethan should take a look at this gender-based genetic research. Though it’d probably be too triggering for his delicate sensibilities).

Here’s from Ethan’s grant proposal –

“Contemporary, empirically-based knowledge of transgender health is scant,” according to the grant for the project. “Subsequently, as this population continues to grow, they will have key health promotion, illness prevention, and chronic illness self-management challenges.”


It’s interesting that he believes the transgender community will continue to grow. I wonder – is that because more and more people are genuinely experiencing gender dysphoria? Or would that be because gender confusion is becoming popularized more and more as a way to get attention? That it’s the hot new fad to pretend that you’re one of a gazillion flavors of gender-queer because all your friends on Tumblr pretend they are too?

The proposal goes on –

“In order to identify and prioritize health needs, and provide the foundation to develop clinical interventions and changes in clinical practice and in policy aimed at promoting health and wellness, preventing illness, and reducing the burden of illness in transgender adults, there is a need to develop a deeper understanding of their health status,” the grant states.

Transgender studies have “taken a narrow view,” according to the grant, by focusing on mental health and hormone therapy.

Well… unless a transgender person’s basic biological and genetic makeup has changed (unlikely), there’s probably no reason to do anything with their medical care that you wouldn’t do with anyone else. Just because you have a dude who’s wearing a dress and fake boobs doesn’t mean that he’s not at risk for the same kinds of diseases that other men are (and vice versa).

Though that mental health therapy probably wouldn’t go amiss.

Oh, and Ethan is getting over $43,000 for this grant. So, there’s your taxpayer money going for this crap. Even though tax day has come and gone, it’s still INFURIATING to know that’s the kind of garbage that I forked over so much tax money for.