BREAKING: Free Speech Demonstration At Berkeley Turns Violent When Leftist Goons Show Up

Miss CJ

This is REALLY getting old at this point.

Today, there was a pro-free speech rally scheduled to be held at UC-Berkeley featuring people like Lauren Southern and other well-known right-wing commentators.

But because the folks at Berkeley is SUPER TOLERANT, the violent “anti-facist” protesters showed up and started shouting down the liberty-minded crowd –

Such charming people.

Oh, and check out the list of objects the police had to ban from the demonstration –

We’ve actually come to the point where we have to say “Hey, maybe don’t bring a metal pipe to an even promoting freedom of speech.” This is just sad.

Though I do love how one pro-free speech demonstrator brought up Sweden and all the problems there –

It didn’t take long for tempers to get heated and for the antifa groups to start throwing punches and bloodying noses. Or whatever else they could reach –

Sure can’t forget the pepper spray!

Can’t even stand up for freedom and liberty without a gas mask anymore.

At this point, Berkeley has NO business claiming that they’re a bastion of free speech. That may have been true at one point, but now they’re just another group of leftist thugs who are out to promote their agenda by any means necessary. There’s no room for conversation or discussion or even civil debate. You either conform, or you get smacked in the head with a baseball bat.

Who are the fascists now, Berkeley?

(h/t Twitchy)