One Feminist’s ‘Solution’ To The Left Losing Elections? Stop White Men Voting!

Miss CJ

Does this mean the insane progressive feminist agenda has finally come full circle? It started over a century ago with getting women the vote and it’s going to end with denying men the right to vote?

Well, I say “end” – nothing ever actually “ends” with feminists. Even when you give them what they want, they still find some other stupid thing to scream “OPPRESSION!” about.

So much for equality. But did we ever truly believe that’s what militant feminism was after?

A blogger at HuffPo named Shelley Garland (her byline says she’s a graduate philosophy student, so that kind of explains things) is really ticked off by all the elections from this past year that just did not go her way. Everything from Brexit to Donald Trump’s election – she’s clearly part of the population who believed that the progressives had totally taken over the culture and the world and there was NO WAY AT ALL that anyone else with an opinion different than hers could ever have a say in politics or government ever again!

But as we all know, people got sick of progressive bullies forcing their totalitarian ideologies down our throats and we voted against their wishes. But that doesn’t mean that progressives need to take a step back and reevaluate their message or even their tactics. Nope. That just means that it was EEEEEEEEEVIL white men using their EEEEEEEEVIL white male privilege to overwhelm democracy.

So how to combat white men exercising their right to make their voices heard? Simple – deny them the vote and tell them to sit down and shut up –

Some of the biggest blows to the progressive cause in the past year have often been due to the votes of white men. If white men were not allowed to vote, it is unlikely that the United Kingdom would be leaving the European Union, it is unlikely that Donald Trump would now be the President of the United States, and it is unlikely that the Democratic Alliance would now be governing four of South Africa’s biggest cities.

If white men no longer had the vote, the progressive cause would be strengthened. It would not be necessary to deny white men indefinitely – the denial of the vote to white men for 20 years (just less than a generation) would go some way to seeing a decline in the influence of reactionary and neo-liberal ideology in the world. The influence of reckless white males were one of the primary reasons that led to the Great Recession which began in 2008. This would also strike a blow against toxic white masculinity, one that is long needed.

Oh, is that all. You want to deny a group of people the right to vote, just so you can get your own way.

While she does say that such a disenfranchisement would only be “temporary,” we all know that’s a load of crap. Like I said – feminists are NEVER happy with anything you give them. They’ll just want more and more and more.

Lady – here’s a hint: If it takes disenfranchising an entire subsection of human beings based on their gender and skin color for you to get what you want in politics and government, then what you want in politics and government is complete and utter crap. It takes more than just “white men” voting for these things for them to come to pass. A fair number of women and minorities have to want it as well.

And, in the case of Donald Trump’s election, they actually did. Women turned out for Donald Trump to the tune of 53%. Gays supported Trump. Black people did too. If there’s a census box category for it, someone from those groups came out in support of Trump. Because – NEWSFLASH – regular people are NOT one-issue voters. And they certainly don’t just vote based on their skin color or ethnicity or gender.

(I know – that’s a really difficult concept for a racist progressive to understand. I’ll try to speak slower so you can follow the logic better.)

Maybe what you really want is to find everyone who voted for Trump or Brexit or whatever else and just take away their right to vote. That’s a tried-and-true progressive tactic, isn’t it? If people say things you don’t like, the only solution is to tell them to sit down and shut up. No free speech, no voting, no expressing a differing viewpoint. Just browbeat people into doing whatever it is you want them to do.

Oh yes. That’s such a WONDERFUL way to promote democracy and freedom in the world. Why don’t we just become Saudi Arabia or North Korea? Their respective records on democracy are just so great anyway.

Basically, this boils down to the fact that Shelley’s side lost and her knee-jerk reaction is to blame white dudes. Kind of like Hillary Clinton blamed Russia or sexism, but never looked at herself or her own actions for why she lost. When you’re a progressive lunatic, it’s NEVER your fault or your problem. It’s always someone else’s.

How sad must your life be to never think that your mistakes are a chance for you to learn and grow and become better. How pathetic do you have to be to never look inward and take responsibility for yourself? If progressives weren’t so hell-bent on destroying everything good in this world, I would almost feel sorry for them.