The Latest WTF Beauty Trend: Freckle Tattoos

Ashley (Kimber)

When it comes to beauty, everyone knows that women often want what they don’t have. Girls with curly hair often wish they had straight hair and vice-versa, tall girls would love to wear heels and not tower over ther boyfriends while short girls wish they could find jeans that don’t need hemming, so on and so forth.

Well, in the ultimate “wanting what you don’t have” beauty trend, women are now getting freckles TATTOOED ONTO THEIR FACES. I’m not kidding, folks. It’s everywhere on social media.

Heavier freckle pattern for this beauty! #freckletattoos #mmsouthern #mosouthern

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One more healed photo of freckles 💁🏼🌟 on this gorgeous girl 💕

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So full disclosure, I have nothing against tattoos. I actually have a few myself. All of them are in places that are very easily hidden, so most people don’t even know I have them. One of them is actually pretty large, and in my opinion (I’m biased, obviously) really pretty. When it comes to tattoos, my advice is this: if it’s not expensive, you’ll regret it later. Seriously. Cheap tattoos are easy to spot, folks. You’re buying art that will literally last you a lifetime. Don’t wear dollar store art.

ANYWAY, because I have tattoos I know a few things about them that make this A TERRIBLE IDEA. For one, the tattooed area is now virtually a scar, so that part of your skin will be significantly more sensitive to sun, pollutants, and will wrinkle far more easily. YOU REALLY WANT A BUNCH OF TINY SCARS ON YOUR FACE?! REALLY?! You better be prepared to ALWAYS wear sunscreen.

Surely these fade over time, but I don’t think they’ll ever go away. So now you have a bunch of faded freckle-looking polka-dots all over your mug. What do you do? Do you have them lasered off and risk the chance of actual, significant scarring on your face? Everyone reacts to laser tattoo removal differently, and scarring is a significant possibility. Looks like you just sentenced yourself to a life of full-coverage concealer you might have not even needed in the first place.

Lastly, THESE DON’T EVEN LOOK NATURAL. You look like a kid in a school play. My mom drew freckles on me with eyeliner for Halloween once. (I was Raggedy Ann) and they looked JUST LIKE THIS.

Long story short, DON’T DO THIS, FOLKS! Freckles are cute, but if you don’t have them, find something else to love about yourself!