If You’re Going To Come To Our FB Page To Be Condescending To Us, Please Don’t Be Surprised When We Aren’t Polite In Return.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Look at this incredibly condescending message someone posted on our Facebook wall the other day:

2017-03-10 13 53 22

Because seriously?  You’re going to come to our page and imply that we’re uneducated about our own history? You’re seriously going to do that?  DON’T  TELL ME about my rights, or who fought for them.  DON’T TELL ME that “women like me” need to get educated.

Lyn seemed surprised by my response, and played the pearl-clutching-I’m-oh-so-offended-by-naughty-language card.  I wasn’t having that either.

2017-03-10 13 53 32

Things got a little calmer after that.

2017-03-11 11 52 12

A “certain faction of the right” she said.  One that apparently “works against the advancement of women.”

I’m unfamiliar with such a faction.  Anyone?

I responded:

2017-03-11 11 52 19

The cartoon in question, by the way, is this one.  I swear, today’s feminists have literally NO SENSE OF HUMOR WHATSOEVER.

2017-03-11 18 09 48

I responded to Lyn again:

2017-03-11 11 56 45

It seems that Lyn was surprised I responded to her initial message the way I did.  That happens a lot.  People will come at us with guns blazing, and then are genuinely puzzled that we fight back.  They’re all, “How dare you be insulting to me after I insult you?!!”

Anyway.   Another day in the life of social media.