Christina Hoff Sommers Debunks The Wage Gap Myth. Again.

Miss CJ

If you’re like me, every time some screechy feminist starts whining about the “wage gap,” your eyes glass over (or they roll right out of your head). I honestly don’t know how many times we have to explain basic math, economics, and sociology to these harpies before they understand that this wage gap nonsense is precisely that.

Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers (famous for her “Factual Feminist” videos, along with her other work in putting feminist demands into perspective with reality), is back with PragerU to explain – for the ELEVENTY GAZILLIONTH TIME – that the wage gap talking point is a load of crap. But she does it with facts and research and her trademark classy tone that I can only dream of pulling off –

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I would also add that women are more likely than men to choose not to work and stay home with their kids. Or, at least, work fewer hours in order to be home more with their children. And that’s not a bad choice! It’s just different.

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