Snopes Gets Fact-Checked On Top Democrats Sitting For Carryn Owens Standing Ovation

Miss CJ

Here’s a little behind-the-scenes background on why I find this story so notable: On Wednesday when everyone was pointing out the Democrats’ petulant actions at President Trump’s speech before Congress – particularly how they treated Carryn Owens, the wife of fallen SEAL Ryan Owens. Debbie Wasserman Schulz and Keith Ellison (either of whom, had circumstances gone differently, could be DNC Chair right now) notoriously sat for the two-minute long standing ovation that everyone else gave Carryn.

Red Dawn wrote about that moment. And then we started getting links from readers to a butthurt entry from Snopes saying that it wasn’t true – that McFrizz and Ellison both stood and applauded for Carryn Owens.

But here’s the thing: I had seen the video. I had been listening to news coverage and analysis of the speech from various pundits. I had read articles about it. Every. Single. One of those sources said that those two had disrespectfully sat for the big ovation. True, they did say that the two stood for Carryn’s much shorter introduction, but that was it. Which is what IJR’s Benny Johnson – who was there – tweeted –

That two such prominent Democrats refused to stand and applaud for the widow of an American hero is a disgrace. It was a HUGE part of the news of the day. It was such a contrast between President Trump’s respect and compassion for the Owens family, and the Democrats’ childish disdain for anything Trump does.

And Snopes had the gall to say that it wasn’t true? Even with all the video evidence and eyewitness accounts of it happening?

Do I sound pissed that this fact was being disputed by a bunch of partisan left-wing imbeciles when it had already been so widely – and legitimately – reported? Just a bit? Good. ‘Cause I was.

And now Benny Johnson, the reporter from IJR who was actually at the speech and initially brought this to light, is directly taking on Snopes’s dishonesty –

And even TownHall double- and re-checked the video. Yep. DWS and Ellison sat for the two-minute ovation –

For 15 seconds (50:25-50:40), you can see both of them sitting during the second standing ovation, which lasted between 49:50-51:30 (roughly two minutes). Yet, given Snopes had a screenshot of them standing at the 49:04 mark [they’re literally right above the time stamp of the YouTube video], which was when Trump began the portion of his speech with Owens, the same angle should have caught DWS and Ellison standing at the 50:55 mark, the 51:11 mark, or towards the end at the 51:20 mark. It doesn’t because they were sitting.


So, this isn’t fake news. The both of them sat through the actual dedication portion Trump had for Owens in his speech and two standing ovations. I can’t attest to the claims that other right-leaning sites have made about the whole affair, but concerning Ellison and DWS remaining seated for the roughly two-minute standing ovation (and the shorter one that followed) after the president honored Ryan’s service and his widow, Carryn–they just sat there.

Here’s the deal – Snopes is a left-wing biased joke. Oh sure, they might have started out as a legitimate source for confirming/debunking wild internet rumors and urban legends, but that is the case no longer. As we’ve seen time and time and time again – they’ve become part of the leftist misinformation machine (and they have the connections to prove it).

You want to use Snopes to “prove” anything anymore? You’d be better off referring to The Onion.

(h/t Twitchy)