Susan Sarandon Is Being Blamed For Hillary Clinton’s Election Loss.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Actress Susan Sarandon was recently interviewed about her new role in Bette and Joan, which will air on FX.  But in addition to talking about that, Susan was also asked about pay discrepancies for actors, as well as the 2016 election.

And it was interesting.  I have to say, her stance on pay equality was far more common-sense than I’d have expected from her.

“I don’t think it matters that Jennifer Lawrence is paid 70 times more than what I am. It’s a business that is so subjective and I feel so lucky to be able to earn a living, and this is why to go after pay equality is a really chancy subject – because if Tom Cruise has a leading lady that’s in the movie as much as he is, should she get the same amount of money if she’s been in the business a shorter amount of time? And should a character actor that’s been in the business for 50 years not get paid more? It’s a sin what happens to these supporting actors through the years where they can barely exist on the pay they get. There’s no equity in terms of value, and who knows how these decisions are made. So you can’t apply that to feeling unfair because the whole fact that actors get paid as much as we do is ridiculous. I mean, what a fabulous life. I can’t bitch about whatever my pay level is. I don’t focus on that.”

Well, that’s refreshing, isn’t it?

Now, Susan was a big Bernie supporter in 2016, and when Hillary became the nominee, she went on record to say that Hillary was “more dangerous” than Donald Trump.  She publicly endorsed Green candidate Jill Stein once Bernie bowed out.   And because she didn’t fall in lockstep with the rest of her Hollywood brethren, who held fundraisers and fell all over themselves with admiration for Hillary, she faced criticism.

“I have had a huge amount of backlash. There’s been a really strong blame for a lot of things that are obviously not my fault. There’s no valid argument. It’s just an easy place to put your frustrations, to blame me. I mean, if you read the list of people who voted Hillary Clinton – and then I think it’s me and Viggo Mortensen on the other side. You’d have to be delusional to actually think that Beyoncé and Jay Z and George Clooney and Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep, and the list goes on, were actually overpowered by the two of us.”

It absolutely cracks me up that there are fellow celebrities who are trying to tell Susan Sarandon that it’s her personal fault that Hillary lost.  But it doesn’t surprise me.  Celebrities are, by and large, complete morons.

Sarandon is continuing to focus on her new FX show, and also on showing up at Trump protests, because of course.  She says:

“I’m focusing on reaching out and forming a coalition not only with all of Hillary’s people but with people I know that voted for Trump, because we have serious work to do now, and we can’t indulge in blaming or depression or any of those things. There isn’t time any more to look back. We have to look forward.”

Well, good luck with all of that, Susan.