Americans Disapprove Of Nancy Pelosi SIX TIMES More Than They Disapprove Of Donald Trump

Miss CJ

After having to suffer through so many years of Princess Pelosi prance around the House of Representatives like she owned the place (even after she lost her position as Speaker) and lecturing the American people about how the Democrats are so smart and how the rest of us are so stupid and we need government to take care of us, I have only one thing to say about this –

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According to this, Nancy Pelosi’s disapproval rating is six times that of Donald Trump’s. Now, Trump’s isn’t that bad – his approval rating is at 43%. Sure, it’s not great – it’s in the middle. Which I kind of expect, given how the last election went. And even he believes that he could do better. That’s not a slam on Trump – that’s recognizing that there’s room for improvement –

According to an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, President Trump has a net favorability rating of negative 4 points, while House minority leader Nancy Pelosi has a net rating of negative 25.

The survey, released Sunday, found that 43 percent surveyed view the president positively or somewhat positively, while 47 percent see him in a negative or somewhat negative light.

But for all the posturing from Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats that they know so much and that Trump is going to be the death of us all – evidently the American people are tired of that BS. Because Pelosi’s approval rating is 19%, while her disapproval rating is 44% –

However, only 19 percent view Pelosi positively or somewhat positively, while 44 percent view her negatively or somewhat negatively. Pelosi is currently viewed 6 times more negatively than the President.

Maybe that’s why she was making those weird horsey faces during Trump’s speech on Tuesday –

Keep crying about how terrible Donald Trump is, Pelosi. Clearly, the American people don’t think he’s as bad as you are.