Dear Chelsea Clinton: ‘Science’ Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means…

Miss CJ

If indeed Chelsea Clinton is being groomed to be the next step in the Clinton Dynasty (excuse me while I vomit), we have many more of these ignorant statements from her. Should be entertaining (actually, no it wouldn’t).

So, this moment from our current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson regarding climate change has been making the rounds. This happened back in 2010 and it’s supposed to make Tillerson look like a science-denying anti-environment idiot –

Yeah, yeah – we know. The science is settled! At least, as far as the left thinks climate change is concerned (ignore it on things like abortion and gender, though. That’s just bigoted science. Or something.)

So, Chelsea decided to add her two cents to the debate, thinking that she was being super-clever –

Good grief – that’s almost as bad as her mother’s “Delete Your Account” retort. Which soon became apparent from people who actually know what the “scientific method” entails. Down to the nittiest of gritty details (then again, it takes paying attention in middle school science classes to know this stuff) –

Sorry, I don’t think her super-fancy degree from Stanford seems to have covered anything beyond just saying three-word phrases and declaring herself the winner of Twitter “debates.”

Whatever congressional district she decides to plop herself in to run for office (if/when it comes to that), I feel sorry for those voters.

(h/t Twitchy)