Ashley Judd Compares Trump’s Election To Being Raped. FOR REAL.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

As most of our clever and competent readers know, I loathe Ashley Judd with the fury of a billion suns, for reasons too numerous to mention, but many of which can be accessed by simply searching her name on this very website, and then perusing the endless examples of batsh*t craziness that come up as a result.

Her seahaggery was on full display at the Woman’s March a few weeks back, and if you missed that, feel free to catch up right here.

And now there’s this. Brace yourselves.

She calls Trump a sexual predator, you guys. And can’t refer to him as the president, choosing instead to call him the “new guy.”

“My conviction based on my personal experience is that the new guy is a sexual predator. And the fact that there were adult men in my family –  who failed to protect me as a child – who VOTED for him, was really re-traumatizing in saying, ‘You’re gonna put me out there again. And the idea that you would protect me has evaporated.’ And it was incredibly painful.”

She goes on to describe a visit she had with one such adult man in her family, and incidentally, mentions that the “topic about a boy came up.” Meaning – a boy she’s interested in. Can we just remind you about the freakout Ashley had about people using the term “girl” to describe women? Apparently, it’s just fine for her to continue to call men she’s dating “boys.” But she loses her ever-loving sh*t if you call a woman a girl. Because Ashley Judd is batsh*t.


While she describes that conversation, she gets all choked up and says:

“Immediately I began to weep, because it’s not OK. It’s not OK and for me it’s not about the wall, it’s not about any of that stuff. It’s about, you voted for a pussy grabber. You voted for someone who calls his wife a piece of ass, whose daughter is his favorite sex symbol. It really boils down, to me, to the sexual assault and misogyny piece.”

She says that this makes Donald Trump immediately disqualified to be president. Meanwhile, during Hillary’s FIRST failed presidential campaign, she praised Bill Clinton, an ADMITTED adulterer and alleged rapist and sexual abuser of multiple women, as a “man who loves his bride.”

WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL. I’d call that hypocrisy, but that word isn’t nearly strong enough.

About Trump’s election, Ashley says, tearfully:

“It remains for me the worst thing that’s ever happened in my lifetime. Raped as a child – bad. Re-raped by a political system that ordains a clown – really bad.”

Listen – considering how often her stories about her experiences with rape and sexual assault and incest change, and how she described simply hearing her parents having sex in the room next door to hers growing up as an example of “covert sexual abuse,” I can’t take her very seriously about any of that. What I do take seriously is her minimizing other rape victims. Equating the fair, democratic election of a president to RAPE is beyond the pale. It’s despicable, and it makes a mockery of the trauma that rape victims everywhere have experienced.

Your guy (or your gal, in this case) LOST, Ashley. That’s not rape. That’s our electoral process. That’s reality. That’s life in a constitutional republic. If you can’t deal with it, to the extent that you’re comparing it to being raped, you need to check yourself into a psychiatric ward and freaking STAY PUT until someone can cure you of your crazy.


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