Sen. Ted Cruz: ‘We Need To Finish The Wall’

Hannah Bleau

President Trump held a campaign-style rally in Melbourne, Fla. Saturday afternoon, and it was like old times (and by old times, I mean, like a few months ago). Trump was in his element. In a weird way, these rallies recharge him. They remind him who he’s really working for. (By the way, the event was not funded by the American taxpayers. His campaign paid for it.)

Like I’ve said before, I’m fine with Trump holding these events as long as he’s getting stuff done in Washington. Is a repeal and replacement plan for Obamacare in the works? Yes. Do we have any progress on the wall? Apparently so.

“I’ve ordered the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice to coordinate on a plan to destroy transnational criminal cartels which are all over the United States and we are going to stop the drugs from pours into your country, into your community, into your cities and poisoning our youth. We’re stopping it. We’re stopping it,” Trump said at the rally. “We’ve taken historic action to secure the southern border and I’ve ordered the construction of a great border wall, which will start very shortly.”

“Very shortly.” I wonder what that really means. I’m getting a bit antsy. So is Sen. Ted Cruz. He has a pretty straightforward message: Finish the wall.

He’s not all talk, either. He’s devoting a lot of time to this issue. Take a look at his Twitter feed.