The Left Is Legitimately Triggered By Ivanka Trump’s Latest Photo

Hannah Bleau

President Trump met with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier this week, and Ivanka Trump participated in their roundtable discussion on women in the workforce. After, the two leaders posed for a photo with Ivanka.

I can’t tell you how much I love that picture. In fact, I reposted it on Instagram right after she posted it. It’s– dare I say– empowering.

But liberals aren’t having any of that. They cannot believe that Ivanka defiled the Resolute desk like that.

Weird. Liberals didn’t seem to have a problem with an intern under the desk.

Rest assured. If Ivanka was a flaming liberal, they’d be all, “OMG this photo is totes empowering! GIRL POWER! Shatter the glass ceiling!” But she’s Ivanka, the daughter of Satan incarnate, so she isn’t entitled to feminist praise.