Idiot Leftists Who Have No Clue How Football Works Freak Over The Patriots Winning During Black History Month

Miss CJ

The Super Bowl is practically a national holiday for me and my family. Even if none of our favorite teams end up playing in the big game, we still watch and make a huge party of it. We follow football from opening day, until they turn off the lights on the Super Bowl postgame show. From September to February, my family eats, drinks, and lives football. It’s an institution for us.

So when I see completely ignorant morons who know absolutely NOTHING about football trying to use the sport to make political points, I laugh at their ignorance and also wish that they’d stop talking about things they don’t understand (then again, if they did shut up, I wouldn’t get to make fun of their stupidity).

Kind of like this barrage of mental inadequates who think that because Tom Brady and the Patriots won a Super Bowl that was held during February (that super-sacred Black History Month that the left can’t shut up about), it’s somehow racist –

racist super bowl

NEWSFLASH – The Super Bowl is ALWAYS in February. Has been for years. Doesn’t matter what skin color the quarterback or the coach or the friggin’ water boy has. There is more to February than celebrating one race’s achievements (or are white people not allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day?)

And then we have this feminist shrill from Jezebel who hasn’t figured out how to keep her capslock key from sticking –

Yes, Boston is super-racist and that’s why they overwhelmingly voted for Hillary Clinton in the election. Sheesh – leftists can’t even remember which cities are on their side anymore! (Guess that explains why Berkeley was in flames last Wednesday.)

Good grief – couldn’t you all just watch the Puppy Bowl and spare the rest of us your idiocy?

Don’t get me wrong – I am NOT happy about the outcome of the Super Bowl. There are only three NFL teams that I hate with the burning fury of a thousand suns and the New England Patriots is one of them. I have despised them since I was in high school. (And if you think I’m passionate about my hatred of the team, you need to meet my mother.) But it has nothing to do with politics or skin color or any of that other ridiculous census box nonsense that the left cares about. It’s a football rivalry. You have teams you love and support through good times and bad, and you have teams you don’t like and will cheer against no matter what. Pure and simple.

In fact, why are ANY of these people watching football to begin with? Do they even know the difference between the offensive and defensive line? Do they have to identify the teams by what color pants they’re wearing?

Quite honestly, they’re probably just there for Lady Gaga (which I did not watch – we watched the game an hour behind so we could fast-forward through the halftime show. I hear she did better than was expected, but given the low caliber of Super Bowl halftime shows in recent years, that’s not a high bar to clear).

So, people who have no clue how football works are complaining about a team that they don’t know anything about because – racism. Just another day in America in 2017.