Wretched Old Hag Harasses Trump Supporter On A Flight And TOTALLY GETS WHAT’S COMING TO HER

Mockarena, Co-Founder


A clever and competent reader sent me this story, posted on FB by a fellow by the name of Scott Koteskey about his experience on an Alaska Airlines flight from Baltimore to Seattle, and you have to see it for yourself to believe the amazing amount of seahaggery shown by this ridiculous woman towards her fellow flight passenger.

Backstory and video below.

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Look – it is really sad that her husband’s mom just died, but that doesn’t excuse her from acting like a wretched hag. And I’m mortified on BEHALF of her husband. And I’m amazed at how calmly the flight attendant remained during that whole encounter. And I’m just so delighted that she got booted off the flight.

Here’s that video.

She is plenty old enough to understand that there are consequences for your actions. And she got what was coming to her. I hope this goes completely viral and that she learns a valuable lesson, because her behavior was inexcusable.