This Vile Sign Sums Up Why We Won

Ashley (Kimber)

ATTENTION: THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED – see note at the bottom!

One of our amazing readers sent us picture of the most VILE sign she saw as part of a Women’s March this Saturday, and as we’re disgusted as she is.

Christiane from Texas said “THIS is what today was about… Hold my earrings, I’m about to implode on this one!!!”

Girl, we’re right there with you.


Absolutely sick.

First off, what does that even mean? What are they trying to say? They’re pissed Trump got elected and somehow that’s JESUS CHRIST’S fault? That’s full-blown deranged. This is truly ill.

The left has been mocking the right for YEARS for claiming that Christianity is constantly under attack in our very own backyards. Is there anything more clear than this? I’d like to ask these seahags (are they women? I honestly can’t tell for sure) how they’d feel if someone was out there holding up a sign that attacks Islam. Surely they’d go on and on about how Muslims are persecuted, super peaceful, super great to women, and we are horrible evil white privileged a-holes for even MAKING THE COMPARISON! I’d put money on it, because this is just the way the left thinks.

It also happens that Trump’s mother’s name was Mary, and so  they may have been referring to her instead. Here’s the thing, we don’t know, and surely they realized it could be taken either way. I refuse to believe that these people are so dense that they don’t realize it could be taken both ways.  I think they probably LOVE that. Either way, it’s absolutely revolting.

For years they have placed the root of every problem on Christianity and White Privilege. This election was a deafening reaction to that. Americans will no longer sit back as these perpetual victims blame their own issues on us. We will no longer sit quietly as you rip down anyone who doesn’t share your opinions. We are Sick. And. Tired. of your stupid crap! By all means, keep making signs like this. All it does is remind Conservative Americans why they will NEVER question their own values, and moderate Americans open their eyes to the absolutely vile hypocrisy of the left.

UPDATE (1/23/17): According to several messages we’ve received, this photo was taken a couple years ago in the UK.  Some people have suggested that we should pull this post entirely as if its point is no longer valid.

If this was not taken during any womens’ marches this past weekend, fantastic.  But regardless, it exists.  It’s undeniable, and it’s representative of the kind of vulgar, disgusting nonsense often seen from the progressive feminist left. (See: pretty much any Code Pink rally.)

So, we’re not pulling this post, because this kind of mentality exists and needs to be called out for the reasons cited IN this post.  

Thanks to those of you who let us know that this photo was originally found on reddit.  We appreciate it!

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