Leftist Shill Debra Messing Takes Oath To Protect The Constitution

Ashley (Kimber)

So because Debra Messing is a self-important seahag, she posted this on her Twitter account: (apparently all of her failed celebrity PSAs weren’t enough)

I have absolutely no idea what this means, or what she thinks it means. I’m half expecting her to jump out of a closet with a knock-off Wonder Woman costume called “Feminist Woman” complete with Lasso of Feminist Myths where she forces you to say that women get paid 70 cents on the dollar for equal pay, and won’t let you go unless you promise to vote Democrat in the 2020 election.

Apparently Twitter users are as confused as I am about this, and are raising some very valid questions:

Great questions, everyone! I anxiously await her logical and well thought out answers to all of them!


JUST KIDDING! She doesn’t have time to answer! She’s busy Retweeting delusional GEMS like these!

Very, very busy. Isn’t she supposed to be filming a re-make of Will and Grace? Count me out on that one.

UPDATE: She didn’t answer any of our questions, but she did TAKE IT DOWN with this garbage:

I guess the questions made her a wittle mad.