CNN Rushes To Make Sure Everyone Knows They Aren’t BuzzFeed And They Don’t Report On Unsubstantiated News

Miss CJ

This is RICH, y’all.

CNN is in the hotseat after they decided to run with that unverified Trump/Russia story that originated with BuzzFeed. To the point that Donald Trump called out one of their reporters at his press conference as being purveyors of “fake news” (I admit, I felt a bit of glee when he said that).

Well now, CNN is doing damage control after they shot themselves in the foot by reporting a story from a website that makes its bread and butter by publishing articles about cat memes and ’90s nostalgia. Check out the statement they released about it –

See, publishing unsubstantiated rumors (some of which may have come from internet trolls from 4Chan) is just part of everyone’s First Amendment free speech rights! It’s freedom of the press! And apparently the press is free to be as dishonest and careless as some basement-dweller molded into his computer chair with his fingers permanently stained with Cheeto dust.

And the media wonders why nobody trusts them anymore.

(h/t The Right Scoop)