Black Lives Matter Leaders More Upset That People Are Connecting Black Lives Matter To Chicago Kidnapping

Miss CJ

Well, gee – let’s think about this for moment. You’ve been rioting and protesting over what you think are racially-motivated incidents (but then it turns out that they’re not) for the better part of 2-3 years. You lose your cheese when someone suggests that “All Lives Matter.” You insist that black people cannot be racist against white people because of an institution that hasn’t been part of Western civilization for CENTURIES. Your followers chant things like “Die Whitey!” and even target police officers for death.

Then when video surfaces of four black teens torturing a white man and shouting things like “F*** white people” and “F*** Donald Trump” – you want to whine that people are blaming YOUR violent and poisonous rhetoric?

Nope. Not buying it. Not like I ever bought your BS anyway.

Black Lives Matter activists Shaun King and DeRay McKesson are perfectly aware of the video of the kidnapping in Chicago. And they’re using their considerable voices to… complain that people are blaming their movement for this awful thing happening.

Yes. That’s actually what they’re most concerned about right now. Not that people have taken their talking points and acted on them in the most violent and evil way (yes, Don Lemon – I said “Evil”) – but that all those racist white people are looking at the movement that has pushed racial divisions to the breaking point over the past several years.

Here’s DeRay telling people “Don’t call it the Black Lives Matter kidnapping!” –

Of course, his followers are blaming WHITE people’s racism on the fact that BLACK people kidnapped and tortured a white guy. Don’t ask me to explain their logic. I don’t live in Opposite World –

Um… so the thirty-minute livestream video of the crime ACTUALLY HAPPENING wasn’t enough evidence for this chick? Good night in heaven, we are dealing with some certified GENIUSES here.

Maybe if these black kids wanted the “benefit of the doubt,” they shouldn’t have gone out of their way to kidnap and torture a guy.

That’s just the slime in DeRay’s replies. Shaun King’s response gets even WORSE. First, he wants everyone to stop using the “white supremacist” #BLMKidnapping hashtag –

Oh, and reply he did. This morning, he wrote a column for the New York Daily News (always such a politically balanced paragon of sanity and virtue) saying that he’s not going to “use” this incident in his crusade for justice. Because white guys tortured at the hands of black thugs doesn’t fit his narrative. Or something –

However, I see thousands of white folk online asking me why I’m not speaking out about it.

Beyond the fact that I literally just got back in the country a few hours ago with my wife and five kids, my answer is simple. As soon as I clicked on the first official story about the incident, I saw that four people had already been arrested for it. If more people were involved, whether it was two more black folk or 20, guess what, they’ll be charged and arrested, and convicted, and sentenced, and jailed for it as well. We will see their mugshots and videos of them walking into court with jail clothes any minute now. That’s how justice works in America.

OH. OKAY. So when one police officer kills a black suspect during an altercation, you all lose your freaking minds and insist that ALL police officers are evil racists and they ALL need to be held accountable, to the point of violence committed against officers who had nothing to do with the original incident and entire cities need to be burned to the ground and innocent people have to fear for their lives and their property.

But when it’s a group of black suspects who clearly committed a crime and were arrested for it, justice has been served and we can all go back to our lives. Nothing to see here, minions. Move along.

You lying, deceitful, hypocritical piece of cow manure – WHICH IS IT? Pick a freaking lane! Or just come out and say it – black-on-white violence is perfectly acceptable to you. Punishing people for their skin color because you have a social justice axe to grind because you can’t excel in any other field of life.

No. No, that’s NOT how this works. You don’t get to hide behind your self-appointed morally-superior high ground in this. You either believe in justice and equality for everybody, or you believe in justice and supremacy for one set of people, based on nothing more than the melanin content of their skin (which is ironic, coming from a Dolezal-type imposter like Shaun King).

Like I said in my reaction to Don Lemon, I refuse to take these idiots’ moral posturing seriously anymore. They can’t protest racially-motivated violence against black people, but ignore the racially-motivated violence against white people that’s smacking them in the face. Whatever moral platform they claimed for themselves is gone. The rhetoric that these disgusting opportunists spew should be treated with the same disdain as some drunken moron wandering in off the street shouting about Bigfoot and UFOs.

I’m done. With all of them.

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