Mainstream Journalists FREAK OUT When They’re Asked If They Personally Know Anyone Who Owns A Pickup Truck

Miss CJ

Someone hit a nerve, it seems.

This meltdown started when political commentator John Ekdahl simply tweeted out a open question for journalists –

A simple “yes or no” would have sufficed for Ekdahl, I’m sure. Might even have been a rhetorical question. It didn’t seem to be a big deal one way or the other.

But Sweet Mother of the Ford F-150… you’d have thought Ekdahl had asked journalists if they personally knew a member of the KKK, the way they replied to his question. Here is but a sampling of the angry virtue-signaling –

See that? A more important question is HOW MANY PEOPLE DO YOU KNOW FROM NYC, LA, OR CHICAGO, PEASANT?!

It doesn’t get much better from there –

Sooooo… when are y’all going to stop stereotyping rural Americans as ill-educated hicks who date their cousins and have no teeth? No hurry – I’ll just be waiting over here for your reply.

Oh, this was the most fun – some New York Times reporter was all “HURR HURR, I KNOW HOW TO DRIVE STICK. STOP MAKING ME FEEL LIKE I’M NOT A REAL AMERICAN” –

This feminist would rather spend her whole day on public transport with the lice and rats than have the independence to drive herself in her own vehicle (whether a truck or otherwise)

Well, that would certainly solve your issues with “manspreading,” I’m sure. If you have your own car, you can your own space!

Didn’t think that’s what Ekdahl was suggesting, so I guess we know what you’re obsessed with, dude.

Race came up in the conversation, because of course it did –

And how many reasonable answers did Ekdahl receive?

Oh man… THAT is a massive temper tantrum!

We’re running long, so let me just sum up all of these journalists in one go –

“WAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! How DARE you suggest I’m not a real American because I don’t know anyone who owns a pickup truck! I’m just as valid and precious and beautiful when I take the subway and the bus to work! Latinos! Poor people! Class warfare! I’M SO TRIGGERED! I NEED MY SAFE SPACE!! WHERE IS MY SAFE SPACE???”


There are more tweets here and here that you can look at, if you feel so inclined. But I think you’re starting to get the point of this. Someone pointed out the liberal bubble that the majority of journalists live in and they couldn’t handle the suggestion that they are out of touch with the rest of America. Cue the meltdown, and we have your Twitter entertainment for the evening.

The reality is that no, journalists generally do NOT know anyone who owns a pickup truck. But the truck isn’t the point. The point is that they refuse to acknowledge the opinions, lifestyles, and thoughts of people in rural America. They dismiss the whole pickup truck lifestyle as a bunch of redneck hillbillies who live in towns with more cows than people. Such people are not worth their time or attention.

THAT was the point Ekdahl was going for. Maybe get some self-awareness going on the part of members of the elitist press. It didn’t even have to be “pickup trucks.” He could have used anything for an example – hunting rifles, a camo hat, a Bible, a minivan, an RV, a John Deere tractor. The list goes on.

Here’s how Jon Gabriel summarized this kerfuffle and it sums it all up nicely –

Ekdahl never mentioned guns, immigration, country music, race, or “real Americans,” yet a flurry of journalists and other progressives tried to shame him with each for daring to ask this non-political question. All because they didn’t want to admit that they live in a bubble.

Many Americans, left and right, live in monochrome cultural enclaves. Many of my friends at DC think tanks and my relatives on the farm don’t interact with many people who live different lives than themselves. Admitting this isn’t a black mark on either group; it merely helps us understand our limited perspective.

Since I live in the Phoenix suburbs, I know plenty of people in both groups. The economist PhDs make me feel dumb and the ranchers make me feel wimpy, so I learn a lot from both. Humility is a requirement if you want to learn or write about the many subjects outside your ken. Journalism would be a lot better if our media accepted this truth.

I don’t expect this kind of attitude to change anytime soon, sadly. But what do you expect from an industry who – just this week – gave the world this condescending article. Remember the one where the New York Times was all “Why do Texans own pickup trucks if they aren’t hauling stuff around town?” It was smug and condescending. Just like all the butthurt lefty journalists freaking out about one simple question.