This Isn’t Real, Right? Please Tell Me This Isn’t Real

Hannah Bleau

Is this real? Because if it is, this chick needs a reality check, pronto.

You see, she’s heartbroken because her local McDonald’s isn’t offering the McRib, and it’s destroying her family’s holiday spirits.

“Every Thanksgiving, my family would like order a 50 piece chicken McNugget and like 10 McRibs and it was like– like a tradition in our family,” she said.

But now her family’s holiday experience is “messed up and broken,” because McRibs are unavailable in her area. Again, we’re talking about a sandwich.

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She’s hoping that members of the council can talk to McDonald’s managers, because she tried and they didn’t take her concerns seriously.

I never knew someone could be so passionate about a sandwich. Also,WHO EATS MCRIBS AND MCNUGGETS ON THANKSGIVING?????

Note: Yes. If you’re working or busy that day, I get it. But that’s not the case for pink hair girl. She’s blaming her crappy holiday on the unavailability of a sandwich. That’s the point here.

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