The New York Times Is Convinced That Hillary Clinton Is A Folk Hero

Hannah Bleau

When Hillary Clinton’s not throwing vases at Bill’s head in the comfort of her own home, she’s doing ordinary American things. Hiking. Walking her dogs. Grocery shopping. You know. She’s just like you. And every now and then, she stops to take totally random selfies with totally random strangers while she’s doing those totally ordinary things. Please ignore the fact that the woman who “randomly” bumped into Hillary in the woods actually worked for her campaign. Also ignore the fact that the woman who “randomly” bumped into her at the grocery store works for a PR firm in New York and has met Hillary several times before.

The New York Times is positively infatuated with Hillary’s post-election life. It’s like a bigfoot sighting or something. In fact, they’re even calling her a “folk hero.” Not making this up.

She’s a “comfortably dressed suburban retiree” now. FYI.


For the record, NYT is really into this. They’re convinced various sightings prove that she has “found peace” in civilian life. What a relief. I was so worried she was discontent, getting away with breaking the law and being a millionaire and all.

Many who have crossed her path pass on morsels of wisdom from Mrs. Clinton: “Don’t be discouraged, never give up,” one woman says she told her at the grocer. “We must stay strong together no matter what,” relayed another.


But the real message is in the visuals. In each photograph, Mrs. Clinton smiles warmly. Her face is free of makeup, her hair undone. She wears practical layers — leggings, turtlenecks, patterned fleeces, fun scarves. After the knock-down, drag-out battle of the campaign, the images suggest she has, unexpectedly, found peace. She has cast off the militaristic coats, the pantsuit uniform, the helmet hairdo and the mask of TV news makeup that she wore as Hillary Clinton, embattled Democratic hopeful and Republican villain. Now she presents as a recently retired woman living her best life.

Longtime Clinton aide Adam Parkhomenko has even created the Twitter account @HRCintheWild, so people could send in their “random” Hillary sightings. I think they expect us to believe that Hillary had nothing to do with that particular decision.

Yep. Hillary– the woman who mishandled classified information and lied about it repeatedly and lined her pockets while “serving” the American people is a folk hero now. This must be the fake news I’ve been hearing so much about.