SPLC Proclaims A Rash Of Post-Election Hate Crimes. Except… They Can’t Confirm All Of These Incidents

Miss CJ

This plays nicely into the left’s newest obsession with “fake news” and their crusade against over-the-top clickbait headlines. Too bad it’s a leftist organization that’s doing it.

How inconveeeeeenient for them.

The left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center did a “study” about the rise of hate crimes that have cropped up after the election and decided that America is being taken over by racists who hate everyone and the election of Donald Trump has emboldened these racist to keep doing racist things and HOW WILL WE STOP THE RAAAAACISTS, OMG!

I think I summarized the left’s total meltdown since November 8 fairly well.

Here’s what SPLC tweeted –

Looks bad, right? Even engages in the doom-and-gloom clickbait to get everyone riled up.

But because this is the internet and people rarely click on the article and, you know, READ what’s being linked to (that is my biggest pet peeve and why I generally LOATHE reading Facebook comments on ANY page), readers might have missed this tiny little detail buried in the depths of SPLC’s “research” –

Wait – wait – wait… so SPLC let people report incident to them through their website (which could never ever ever EVER be made-up AT ALL). To their credit, they did try to check them against news reports. But then they admit that could not confirm if all the reports they included in this study were true.


By admitting that they couldn’t “confirm the veracity of all reports,” they have invalidated every single report in their study. Because we don’t know which ones they were able to confirm and which ones are still sketchy. And we don’t know how many sketchy ones were included, either. Basically, this study is complete crap by SPLC’s own admission!

This is Research Basics 101, people! You don’t have to be a research expert to know when you’re being fed a bunch of bull.

Meanwhile, we keep hearing instances of hate crimes being faked in order to gain sympathy and (heaven help me) raise AWAAAAAARENESS. And the media enables it – even goes looking for it, in some cases.

I’ve said this over and over – if there really were a hate-crime-wave of bigots enacting violence against racial minorities, gays, and women, we’d already be aware of it.

(h/t Twitchy)