Please Enjoy This Montage Of Pundits ‘Predicting’ Hillary Winning In A Landslide

Miss CJ

My, how much difference one Election Day makes.

While we on the right are celebrating Hillary Clinton’s defeat and bathing in the tears of the left, it’s important to remember how things were going just days ago. I admit – I was preparing myself to have to deal with liberals gloating about the “First Woman President” and that seahag criminal in a pantsuit prancing around the White House for the next four years and selling off more government influence to foreign entities.

It’s been an emotional roller coaster. To say the least.

 Check out this video of the news media confidently predicting a Hillary Clinton victory – whether it’d be a landslide or if it turned out to be close –

[iframe id=””]

Not to be outdone with calling the election prematurely, Newsweek (well, one of their publishing affiliates) put out this cover with Hillary’s picture and “MADAM PRESIDENT” emblazoned at the top BEFORE the polls had even closed –

Yes, they did do another version with “President Trump” – but the problem is that they actually shipped the Hillary copies out and stores had already been selling them before the realized their mistake.

OOOOOOOPS… (on the other hand – collector’s item, anyone?)

Growing up, I learned a lot of history and politics from my dad. And all he did was tell me stories about what he remembered about key moments in American history. He told me about how everybody thought Ronald Reagan was going to lose and lose big in 1980 and (to a lesser degree) in 1984. But that didn’t turn out to be the case and America was the better for it.

Someday, I’ll probably tell my kids much the same thing about 2016. And my hope is that President Trump will do even a half-as-good a job as President Reagan did.

(h/t National Review)