Feminists Say White Women Are Traitors For Supporting Donald Trump, Here’s What I Think About That

Hannah Bleau

It’s unbelievable how many people have told me that they’re losing friends and family members over the election results. (If you missed Kimber’s piece on her experience with post-election “tolerance,” you can catch up here. You are NOT alone.)  It’s happening everywhere and not just to Trump fanatics. Even those who weren’t donning Make America Great Again hats are getting messages of hate. I don’t like to use that word, because it’s really lost its meaning over the last few years. Any time a liberal disagrees with you, they label it– whatever idea, action or thought you oppose– “hate.”

We don’t do that here. When we say hate, we mean hate. Disdain. I’ve received countless emails and messages from fellow conservatives, and they’re all telling the same story “Friends” are calling other “friends” sexists. Racists. Homophobic. Transphobic.  Islamophobic. These people say we hate children and the elderly. In some cases, these people even accuse us– women who voted against Hillary Clinton– of hating ourselves.

Cue Slate’s associate editor L.V. Anderson.

She decided to do us all a service and reprimand the 53 percent of white women in America who voted for Donald Trump. She cannot believe we hate ourselves so much. Like, are we even aware we have vaginas? Did we not know Hillary has one too? OBVIOUSLY NOT.

There’s so much idiocy in this entire freak-out, I have to fisk it. It’s the only way. As usual, my commentary will be in bold.

*Begin article*

According to CNN, 53 percent of white female voters voted for Donald Trump. Fifty-three percent. According to exit polls, 54 percent of women as whole backed Hillary, compared to 42 percent for Trump. This wasn’t much different than the turnout in 2012. Around 55 percent of women voted for Obama while 44 percent voted for Romney. It’s almost like women voted based on policy instead of reproductive organs or something. More than half of white women voted for the man who bragged about committing sexual assault on tape, 1.) We’ve already condemned that (and he didn’t actually assault anyone) 2.) Hillary Clinton is married to a rapist, and she enabled his behavior and intimidated his victims 3.) Bill Clinton– a serial groper and Actual Rapist– won 54  percent of the female vote in 1996, and the Ashley Judds of the world still love him TO THIS DAY who said he would appoint Supreme Court justices who would overturn Roe v. Wade, stop fearmongering. The Supreme Court can’t just decide on a whim to overturn Roe v. Wade. Please don’t talk about the Supreme Court if you lack a basic understanding on how it works who has promised to undo legislation that has afforded health insurance to millions of uninsured Americans, we’re facing double digit increases across the states. They lied. If you like your plan, YOU CANNOT KEEP YOUR PLAN whose parental leave plan is a joke, the ability to deduct child care expenses and the creation of Dependent Care Savings Accounts is a joke? I don’t get it who has spent his campaign dehumanizing nonwhite people, by going to the inner cities and assuring them he’ll implement economic policies that will lift them out of the perpetual cycle of poverty? The cycle that keeps them dependent on Democrats? who has spent 30-plus years in the public eye reducing women to their sexual attributes. Interesting. No one ever accused him of doing that before he ran against Democrats. Amazing that NBC allowed such a slobbering sexist on their network all of those years More than half of white women looked at the first viable female candidate for the presidency Carly Fiorina was perfectly viable. Does she not count? a wildly competent I think you mean spectacularly reckless  and overqualified career public servant, who has she served besides herself? And don’t even mention the Clinton Foundation, because you don’t stand a chance. I’ll take you down. Right here, right now and said, “Trump that bitch.” I’ll have you know I didn’t utter that phrase once this entire election cycle. I’m partial to #NeverSeahag.

What leads a woman to vote for a man who has made it very clear that he believes she is subhuman? Based on what? When has he ever indicated that? Oh, it must be the way he constantly tells his extremely successful daughter Ivanka to get back into the kitchen Self-loathing. I hate myself? Hypocrisy. I hate myself, and I’m a hypocrite? Heavy. And, of course, a racist view of the world that privileges white supremacy over every other issue. What “white issue” did Donald Trump run on? I didn’t catch that part of his platform. 

For a taste of the self-loathing that propels white female Trump voters, so, the entire premise of this article is based on the idea that I, as a white woman, voted for Trump because I literally hate myself. One moment please. It’s taking me a second to actually absorb that completely idiotic assessment read New York’s interview with a woman who was planning on voting for Trump last week. “I heard that he said something about groping women, and I’m thinking, Okay, No. 1, I think that’d be great. I like getting groped!” Pretty sure she was messing with everyone. And if she wasn’t, congrats! You found a total weirdo! Better base all women who voted for Trump on one woman’s alleged love of gropey-ness! There are still women who think like this—who buy the misogynist lie that sexual assault is a compliment, sexual assault isn’t a compliment, but a man giving a woman a compliment isn’t sexual assault that any woman who gets groped must have wanted it, who said that? No woman I know believes that that men’s desire for sex is more important that women’s desire for safety and bodily integrity. We don’t believe that way. That’s why we voted for a guy who will work to suspend the intake of refugees until we can properly vet them. You know. Those dudes raping and groping women like crazy in Germany? We don’t want them here sexually assaulting our women. We’re really pro-women like that. 

According to the Guttmacher Institute’s most recent estimate, 1 in 3 American women will have an abortion during their reproductive years. You say that like it’s a good thing How much do you want to bet that at least some of those women—women who have needed or will need abortions—voted for Trump? Ohhhhhh. Now this makes sense. You’re worried, because we voted against our own self-interest. I get it! I compromised my future ability to rip my baby out of my womb limb by limb. Wow. I really wasn’t taking my self-interest into account Read a few excerpts from a 2000 study called “The Only Moral Abortion Is My Abortion,” about pro-life women who exercise their right to choose but believe that their reasons for abortion are unique and that other women don’t deserve the same choice. Also read the about the brave women who carried out their pregnancies, even though they were told to do otherwise.  Any woman who has had or might need an abortion, but who still voted for Trump, is guilty of the worst kind of selfishness. But wait! You just told me I wasn’t being selfish enough. Which is it? Am I selfish for voting for Trump, or stupid because I wasn’t being selfish enough? 

Of course, the biggest and saddest reason white women chose Trump over Clinton is simple: racism. Hillary and Trump are white. Both of them. You know that, right? Trump tried to pit straight white men against everyone else— women, people of color, people in the LGBTQ community, immigrants—and white women decided they didn’t want to vote on the side of “everyone else.” No. There were two sets of policies on the ballot: A continuation of the failed policies of Barack Obama, and policies of economic and individual freedom. Racial tensions didn’t skyrocket until President Obama took office. He’s responsible for the division. Don’t blame that on us. Democrats have been trying to pit us against each other for years. They try to convince women that men hate them. They try to convince the LGBTQ community that straight people want them gone. They try to convince immigrants that we hate them. Divide and conquer. It’s the progressive way.  If you haven’t read Saul Alinksy’s Rules For Radicals, you should. Not even the book. Just the 12 rules. Liberals are following his “divide and conquer” strategy verbatim They wanted to vote on the side of white men. Why are you assuming white men are the enemy? What did they do to you? We’ve had some pretty kick a** white men in American history. The framers of the Constitution?  Presidents? War heroes? No? They don’t count? Their light skin pigmentation makes them inherently evil? White women decided that defending their position of power as white people was more important than defending their reproductive rights, their sexual autonomy, their access to health care, family leave, and child care. Silly liberals, thinking women only care about vagina-related issues. All issues are women’s issues. Women care about the economy. National security. The national debt. Fighting against terrorism. Immigration. Regulatory reform. Assuming we only care about vaginas and child care is incredibly demeaning. Kind of sexist, actually. White women bought into Trump’s lies about immigrant rapists some of them are and again, have you read about the crap they’re dealing with in Germany? and decided they’d rather have the respect of their angry white fathers, my father isn’t angry. He’s a bearded patriot who loves God, his family, country, friends, guns, ribs and wants his future grandchildren to grow up in the America that gave him so much brothers, and husbands than the respect of literally everyone else in the world. You’re under the impression that the world respects us right now? Is that why we made a huge ransom payment to Iran? Is that why they completely humiliated American sailors?

The shocking results of the election prove that most white women don’t consider themselves part of the coalition of nonwhite, nonstraight, nonmale voters who were supposed to carry Clinton to a comfortable victory. “Supposed to carry.” As if she was entitled to be president? Newsflash! No one is entitled to the presidency. Not even the Queen herself. Most white women still identify more with white men than they do with black women, Latina women, Muslim women, transwomen, and every other woman who will have good reason to fear for her physical safety under a Trump regime. Divide, divide, divide. What? Because we’re all women, we’re supposed to think the same way? We’re no longer allowed to think for ourselves? You’re mad at women for not falling in line with the robotic, groupthink narrative? You’re actually scolding women for THINKING FOR THEMSELVES. You do realize that, right? It kind of undermines your entire argument.  And while it’s nonwhite and queer women who have the most to lose under Trump, what do they have to lose? Enough of the grandiose claims. I want specifics white women will have to live with the consequences of their own actions in a country without a right to abortion, as said before, Trump can’t just repeal Roe v. Wade. It doesn’t work that way without access to health insurance, that’s already a problem. Families are losing their health insurance. Obamacare has completely screwed them over. Are you still completely unaware of that? without an adequate family leave policy, MY GAWD it’s right here. Read about it here and with a head of state who values them only insofar as he wants to f*ck them. What a load of emotionally-drive BS.

White women sold out their fellow women, their country, and themselves last night. Most white women don’t want to be part of an intersectional feminist sisterhood. Most white women just want to be one of the guys. And we will all suffer for it. No. Most women are sick of the Feminist Mafia reprimanding them for thinking for themselves. We’re sick of these unsubstantiated accusations. We’re sick of being told that we only care about abortion, child care and freeing the pits.  We’re sick of whiny, entitled feminists telling us what we need to care about. We want to prosper. We want our families to prosper. We want America to prosper. We’re sick and tired of being told that we’re sellouts for keeping a lying criminal out of the White House. Anderson, we don’t owe you or Hillary Clinton anything.