Donald Trump Is President-Elect. Whoopi Goldberg And Joy Behar Are LOSING IT!

Miss CJ

I can’t decide what my favorite moment of Hillary Clinton losing the election is. Her concession speech? Barack Obama’s reaction? Or maybe seeing the hosts of “The View” completely LOSE THEIR CHEESE.

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In the midst of all this mind-losing, Candace Cameron Bure remained the lone voice of reason in the wilderness. I don’t know if she was a Trump supporter and, if she was, how enthusiastic she was about it (doesn’t sound like she was very happy about it). But I think whether you were on the Trump Train from the beginning, or if you were reluctant about it, or even if you were Never Trump and voted third party – her words are the most sane in all of this –

If anything, I hope that no matter which side you were on – it brings all of us as a people […] to our knees, our face to the floor, that we pray for our country. That we pray for him. Whether you think he could turn this upside down or you’re hoping that he will uphold the positions that he said he would. I pray that we come together for that in humility.

And then Whoopi had to to and ruin it with that whole schpiel about sexism, racism, homophobia – whatever.

Ugh. I guess you can have lofty goals and talk about things in a high-minded way, but there are always going to be people determined to keep the divisions going. For their pride or something? I dunno. Seems pretty pointless to me.

Regardless, let’s enjoy Whoopi and Joy going absolutely nuts over this. And get used to it for the next four years.