If You EVER Doubted How Racist Liberals Are Toward Black People…

Miss CJ

I was listening to this and I thought I was listening to a bunch of slaveholding Democrats talk about how stupid black people are and that they need white people to take care of them. HOLY COW.

Ami Horowitz went to UC-Berkeley to ask students and professors how they feel about voter ID laws. The consensus was pretty unanimous that voter ID laws are racist, because black people can’t figure out how to get state IDs and it’s not FAAAAAAIR to require them to do something that they don’t have the mental capacity to figure out.

If that sounds racist and bigoted to you – CONGRATULATIONS! You’re a normal human being!

The kicker? Horowitz then talked to black people in Harlem and gauged their reactions the idea that black people are too poor, too dumb, and too criminal to get a state ID. Spoilers: None of them like it very much –

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/odB1wWPqSlE”]


So, the next time a leftist cries about how voter ID laws are RAAAAAAAACIST, maybe show them this video. Or at least ask them if they think all black people are too stupid to figure out how getting a state ID works.