Remember When Harry Reid Told Us NOT To Question James Comey On Hillary’s Emails?

Miss CJ

My, how things change depending on who the law helps or hurts, right?

Earlier we told you that old and senile Harry Reid drooled out a letter saying that FBI Director James Comey “may have” broken the law (the same way Mitt Romney “may have” not paid any taxes) and that we shouldn’t listen to a word he says.

That doesn’t tally at all with Reid assertion back in July that “no one can question Comey” on Hillary’s emails. That Comey had spoken and the Republican hatchet job was over and could we all just move on with our lives and crown the Queen already? –


Soooo… which is it, Harry? Is Comey infallible and wise, or did he break the law? Or should we just take everything you say as the deranged ravings of a lunatic?

True, I’ve been doing that last one for YEARS, so it’s no skin off my nose. Or no exercise band to my face.

(h/t Weasel Zippers)