Even A Six-Year-Old Girl Knows That Hillary Clinton Is A Criminal

Miss CJ

What is that the Hillary fangirls keep going on and on about? That a woman running for president is a great role model for little girls to emulate.

Well, six-year-old Annabell Hilliard sure isn’t buying that tired old line. And bless her for it!

According to this, Donald Trump visited an elementary school on a campaign stop in Las Vegas. News cameras were there to cover his visit as he spoke to the teachers and students. Annabell’s interview is going viral and it’s not hard to see why –

“My heart was kind of like squished together a bit,” she said of her nervousness meeting Trump.

“One of the ladies that wants to be president, are actually bad. And, um, she steals…”


The reason that Hillary Clinton is a TERRIBLE choice for president really is that simple – she steals and lies and breaks the law. Sure, her parents probably told her about Hillary Clinton and why they’re voting for Trump. But still – out of the mouths of babes…