New Yorkers Complain That Terrorism Text Alerts Could Lead To Fear And Racial Profiling

Miss CJ

Aren’t New Yorkers supposed to be tough and resilient? I could have sworn that’s what the cliche was…

According to this, New Yorkers were upset when authorities pushed out a terrorism text alert to everyone’s phones yesterday when police were looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami, the then-suspect of the Chelsea bombings who was later arrested in New Jersey. Here’s what the text alert looked like –


This has become a common thing. AMBER alerts, weather warnings, and yes – even terrorism alerts – can be pushed to people’s phones so the public is aware of what’s going on. The fact is that a lot of people don’t even turn on the news anymore, so they don’t really know what’s going on until it’s too late.

But that’s not good enough. Many New Yorkers complained that this alert made them feel less safe and WON’T SOMEONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!

Seriously. That’s what happened –


Not only that, but these delicate snowflakes cried that something like this could lead to the Supreme Evil of racial profiling. Because the terrorist was a Middle Eastern-looking guy and we ALLLLLL know how quickly Americans are to attack people from the Middle East when there’s a terrorism suspect on the loose –

Kenyatta Cheese wrote on Twitter: ‘Shoutout to my fellow brown persons who had originally planned on taking the subway to the airport today with luggage.’
Many people were concerned that the alert only included the wanted man’s name and not his picture
Shuja Haider, who lives in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, said when he saw Rahami’s name and age he immediately searched for an image — to see if the suspect looked like him. He was relieved to see no resemblance.
He told the New York Times: ‘Today, brown guys like me are walking around worrying about the threat of terrorism like everyone else. But we’re also worried about being blamed for it.’

This whole thing makes me roll my eyes SO HARD. The news of a bomb going off somewhere and the possibility of others going off doesn’t scare you, but a text alert sent out by police does? What are they supposed to do? Keep everything secret so it doesn’t disrupt your normal life? The terrorist attack didn’t already do that?

And the whole freak-out over racial profiling is just stupid. The alert didn’t give his race or his picture, only referring people to check the news to see what he looks like. Are these liberal New Yorkers so racist that they assume a picture of a terrorist who happens to have brown skin is going to make every brown-skinned person a suspect?

The left only sees skin color, you know.

I mean, if it had been some white guy with a Confederate flag sticker on the back of his pickup truck, today we’d be hearing ALLLLL about how racist, sexist, homophobic, and bigoted every single white person in the country is and that Donald Trump is to blame for all of this. But since it’s a Muslim guy, suddenly profiling is BAAAAAAD. #NotAllMuslims!

One thing’s for sure – New Yorkers have traded in their traditional toughness for a safe space of politically correct social justice. Thank you New York liberals for illustrating the point perfectly.