Liberal Feminist Whines Because Her Sons Don’t Buy Her Rape Culture Crap

Miss CJ

There are few more pitiable creatures than the sons of liberal feminists. How would you like to know that at least one of your parents finds you to be utterly contemptible, simply because of your biological gender?

I would guess that most feminist-raised boys buy into their mothers’ delusions and paranoia, just because they don’t know any better (and probably won’t get the chance, poor kids). But the boys described in this op-ed actually DARE to think for themselves, against their feminist mother’s wishes.

THAT’S the kind of teenage rebellion I can get behind.

This column was originally written by some chick named Jody Allard for the Washington Post and is entitled “My teen boys are blind to rape culture.” Which I take to mean “Your teen boys have a brain of their own, against all the odds, and deserve a freaking medal.”

I mean, how would you like to be badgered about this every night at the dinner table? –

“Oh boy,” my son said, rolling his eyes. “Not rape culture again.”


We were sitting around the dinner table talking about the news. As soon as I mentioned the Stanford sexual assault case, my sons looked at each other. They knew what was coming. They’ve been listening to me talk about consent, misogyny and rape culture since they were tweens. They listened to me then, but they are 16 and 18 now and they roll their eyes and argue when I talk to them about sexism and misogyny.


“There’s no such thing as rape culture,” my other son said. “You say everything is about rape culture or sexism.”


I never imagined I would raise boys who would become men like these. Men who deny rape culture, or who turn a blind eye to sexism. Men who tell me I’m being too sensitive or that I don’t understand what teenage boys are like.


“You don’t speak out about this stuff, mom,” they tell me with a sigh. “It’s just not what teenagers do.”

Imagine – a feminist who has to run for a safe space from her own offspring.

Oh, and because her sons don’t reprimand their friends for having sex with their girlfriends before signing a consent form in triplicate, they’re almost as bad as Actual Rapists. For. Real. –

When I first talked to my sons about enthusiastic consent, they laughed at me. “No one is going to ask a girl before having sex with her,” they said. It’s too awkward and uncomfortable. Besides, they reassured me, you can tell whether a girl is consenting without having to ask her. But then one of my sons texted his sexually active friend to ask him whether he got consent from his girlfriend before they had sex. His friend quickly replied that he had to “encourage” her to do it a lot before she finally agreed.


My son didn’t call out his friend. He didn’t remind him that lack of enthusiastic consent means there is no consent. He didn’t say a word to him about consent at all, other than to ask the initial question, and that inaction hung heavy in the room between us. My sons, who are good boys and who know all about consent, do not speak out about consent. Not when it’s uncomfortable. Not when it might jeopardize their social standing. My sons who hate hearing about their own privilege nestle inside it like a blanket and accuse me of making up its existence.


My sons are part of the problem.

Far be it for me to lecture any parent on how they should raise their kids. In fact, I don’t want to comment on the mom. I’d rather praise the boys for looking at reality, realizing that the vast majority of young men are actually good, moral, upstanding examples of masculinity who are simply tired of having all of their actions classified as “rape culture” by the Cult of Social Justice. It’s bad enough when you have politicians, celebrities, educators, and society as a whole punishing you for being a dude – but you’d think your own MOTHER would be somewhat supportive. Or at least LOOK at the real campus rape statistics. If the “1 in 5” rape stat was true, then NO woman in her right mind would ever THINK of attending college. Or getting a job. Or leaving her house. Or doing anything even REMOTELY resembling having a life and will of her own.

Those are rape numbers that ISIS would be proud of.

I’m not saying that rape doesn’t happen – it absolutely does. The slimeballs who do it ought to be punished as much as legally possible and the victims given justice. But the way that Jody Allard and her feminist groupies define it punishes regular guys who would NEVER think of harming a woman or touching her against her will. Guys like Allard’s sons who are clearly tired of being treated like criminals for merely owning a penis. That creates a divide between men and women that, if not pushed back against, will lead to greater distrust and division between the sexes and – dare I say? – discrimination. Which can’t be good for a civilized society.

I applaud Allard’s sons for standing up to their mom’s toxic feminism. Would that more young men could do the same.

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