Liberals Are Freaking Out Because Zoos Treat Animals As Male And Female

Miss CJ

Aaaaaaaand, we come to the “I Wish I Was Making This Up” portion of our program (which pretty much runs all the time, let’s be real here).

According to this, liberal psychologists at the University of Pennsylvania are concerned that children are getting bad information about the fact that there are only two genders when they visit the zoo. Because zoos deal with animals and biology and nature has yet to come up with a homosexual elephant or a dolphin that identifies as a pansexual crystagender turtle (and even if it had, how would we know?) or a male lizard that wants to make eggs with another male lizard.

Let’s say you’re going to your local zoo where, say, a lioness recently gave birth to a litter of lion cubs. Let’s say you take your kids to see the lion cubs and you refer to the lioness as “the mommy lion” and the male lion who sired the cubs as “the daddy lion” when you’re looking at the lion exhibit with your children. These psychologists are saying that you are perpetuating dangerous gender stereotypes because kids shouldn’t think that the purpose of male and female animals is ONLY to be in family settings. Did you ask the lioness if she’s a mother? Or even that she identifies as female? Maybe she wanted to be the lead singer in a feminist skoliosexual punk rock band and the EEEEEEEEEVIL patriarchal male lion forced himself on her and the zookeepers wouldn’t let her have an abortion (because what monster would abort these adorable lion cubs?) and now she’s stuck with these babies while the public comes around and continues the vicious cycle of nature creating two sexes so these animal species could continue!

How DARE you!

From the article –

It has a paper in the most recent issue of Social Psychology Quarterly examining the various ways zoos are cesspools of dangerous gender stereotypes that parents (intentionally or inadvertently) reinforce with their kids. You’ll have to pay to read the full article (or have a subscription to Social Psychology Quarterly), but you can get the gist of the paper from its abstract.

The study says that adults seem to want to characterize zoo animals according to “binary” gender terminology, forcing the camels and penguins and elephants of this world to conform to either “male” or “female,” even though those particular zoo animals haven’t truly examined whether they would like to identify as their birth gender. Although zoology does allow for checking the actual sex of an animal, adults should, apparently, refrain from referring to zoo animals as a “girl” or a “boy,” unless they’ve asked the said animals.


Another problem: Parents tend to use zoo exhibits to model traditional family roles. The study says “adults mobilize zoo exhibits as props for modeling their own normative gender displays.”


Talking about “mother” and “father” animals, then, forces children to believe in traditional, gender constructs, which could harm their psyches as they grow older. Children will question whether their parents will love them even if they don’t fit a typical gender definition—all because that giraffe was characterized as male or female.

Oh boy – let me explain to these morons a thing: One of the most powerful instincts in all animals is to mate, produce offspring, and perpetuate the species. In a vast majority of animals (including humans), that requires the presence of a male AND a female. Politically correct feelings and made-up gender identities don’t – and WILL NEVER – apply in nature. That’s something special snowflake morons on Tumblr came up with.

Odds are, the animals don’t give a crap what you call them. In fact, if we could ask animal how they “identify,” they would probably look at us like we were high.

And while we’re on the subject of animals understanding biology WAAAAAAY better than humans seem to, I found this video some time ago during Shark Week, when a group of scientists give a sonogram to a pregnant tiger shark and they are IN AWE of the shark pups she’s carrying –

That is really cool – no doubt about that. But you probably wouldn’t see THAT for a human baby. Not on the Discovery Channel, anyway.

But when it comes to liberals and biology, there is a gross disconnect between what nature intended and what human progressives pervert.

If you’ll excuse me, I think I’m overdue for a visit to my local zoo. I hear their new lion cubs are freaking ADORABLE (and my niece loves the “gee-affes”).