Opening Ceremony Of #Rio2016 Warns Of Climate Change

Hannah Bleau

The Opening Ceremony was last night, and surprise surprise! It got political!

Organizers believe global warming is a huge problem and were kind enough play a quick montage, showing viewers what’ll happen if sea levels rise. This actually happened.

No. You cannot. There’s no escape these days.

As you can see, the International Olympic Commission cares deeply about the environment and the health and safety of the human race. That explains why they chose to hold the Summer Olympics in Rio– the nasty, economic hellhole. So there’s sewage problems and exposed wires and leaky rooms and crumbling infrastructure and severed arms, dead bodies and fecal matter floating around in the water? So what. Diversity! Global warming! THE GREATER GOOD!

That’s the thing about climate change alarmists. They just like to preach at people. They don’t actually want to change their own lifestyles or operations. That’s how global warming whiners are in America, at least. Why would we expect them to be any different elsewhere?

The greater good. Focus on that, people.

h/t Twitchy