Super-Tolerant And Super-Feminist Liberals Sent DISGUSTING Hateful Tweets To Melania Trump

Miss CJ

Just remember this next time leftists get their thongs in a knot over Republicans criticizing Hillary Clinton for all the sketchy stuff she’s done in public office.

According to this, liberals have been sending all kinds of demeaning, disgusting, and – dare I say – sexist tweets to Melania Trump since her speech at the RNC Monday night. The sourcelink says that there have been over a thousand such tweets either sent directly to her @MELANIATRUMP Twitter account, or merely mentioning her name –

Melania Trump received a barrage of sexist slurs on Twitter before, during, and after her primetime speech on Monday. In less than 7 hours, liberals sent more than 1,000 tweets calling the former fashion model a “bitch,” “whore,” “plastic,” “slut,” and “bimbo,” according to Vocativ.
Overall, Melania received more than 146,000 tweets during this time period, many of which were complimentary at the time of her speech and also criticized her for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech at the Democratic National Convention.

And here’s a helpful infographic showing all the lovely things that have been directed at Melania over the past two days –

melania tweets

Imagine if that kind of stuff was directed toward Hillary or even Chelsea Clinton. You KNOW the media would be freaking out over it.

And here I wonder – should Jack Dorsey get involved here too? I mean, he championed actress Leslie Jones against that EEEEEEEVIL Milo Yiannopoulos and his followers. Could he be bothered to step in on behalf of the wife of a freaking PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE? Come on, Twitter Trust and Safety Council – isn’t this what you were formed to combat?

My guess (and it’s such a wild and random guess, lemme tell ya) is that Melania Trump doesn’t have the right politics to be defended by Twitter’s Social Justice Enforcers. They aren’t about civil speech online. They’re about making sure their favored liberal celebrities are kept above reproach. No one should say anything mean or negative about fellow leftists. But anyone on the right? Free game.

The stupid thing is that Melania Trump isn’t running for office – her husband is. She’s never even held public office. She’s been in private business most of her life. And yet, she’s getting beat up in the media and on Twitter, while nobody can say “Boo!” about Hillary Clinton – who is running for office and who has spent nearly all of her adult life in the public sector vying for power and who should be answering to the public for her record.

Criticize Hillary Clinton? PERISH THE THOUGHT! Sending nasty tweets to Melania Trump? Totes okay!

You know, I’m all for civility in public discourse. It would be wonderful to disagree without crass name-calling and insults. For once, I’d just like the left to show that they are too. Until then, all bets are off.