Of COURSE Disney Princesses Are Dangerous Now. OF COURSE.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Disney princesses are being accused by Time Magazine of making “young children more susceptible to gender stereotypes.”

I wish I were kidding. But y’all know the world we live in now. Gender is a “social construct” and is “fluid” and if you disagree with that statement you’re a huge bigot, so you better just deal and start raising your kids to be gender non-conforming.

According to the sourcelink, which focuses on a study by some “family-life professor” named Sarah Coyne, preschoolers who interacted in some way with Disney princesses either by watching them in films, playing with princess toys or handling princess merchandise were more likely to choose stereotypically gendered toys to play with afterwards.


The study was done at BYU and it followed 198 preschoolers. After being exposed to Disney princesses, the kids were asked to rank their favorite toys among “girly” options like dolls and more “boyish” options like tool sets, and lastly gender-neutral options like puzzles. 96% of the girls and 87% of the boys had viewed Disney princess media of some kind, and they demonstrated in this study that they believed engaging with Disney princesses was a more girly thing to do a year later.

Raise your hand if you’re shocked by the fact that girls and boys alike find Disney princesses to be of more interest to girls than boys.

And yet, researchers are treating this as some sort of earth-shattering news.

The Time author is worried that Disney princesses “could be damaging to girls—it could make them more susceptible to having bad body esteem and less confidence.”

Sigh. First Barbie was the culprit, and now Disney princesses are being targeted.

The author writes, “Of course, this is just one, small study. But it comes during a larger cultural conversation about the potential effects that Disney princesses and other gender-normative toys could have on young girls and boys.

Because we can’t have “gender-normative toys” making our kids think that there are inherent differences between genders, you guys. That just wouldn’t do at all. I mean, kids should grow up thinking that gender is fluid and non-binary, because that’s super healthy and not at all destructive. Don’t you see?

At the end of this INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT STUDY that Sarah Coyne conducted, she came to this profound conclusion:

“Have your kids involved in all sorts of activities, and just have princesses be one of many, many things that they like to do and engage with.”

That’s her advice, y’all. Make sure your kids have multiple interests. That’s her conclusion.

I don’t even wanna know how much money went into this ridiculous, pointless research.

A healthy society is one that recognizes the inherent, wonderful, beautiful differences between men and women, and embraces those differences. Why progressives are so hell-bent on erasing gender entirely I have no idea. But it’s freaking wack.